Als kwaliteit er toe doet! • Wenn Qualität záhlt! • When quality matters!

Trade and product development are in the DNA of Michaël Taken

As a young man he was already selling matting surfaces when the equestrian world was only familiar with wood chips. Matting was quickly succeeded by other types of flooring, including ebb and flood soils.

Soon after this he developed his first treadmill. These treadmills incorporated best-in-class safety, which is why they were given the name Superieur. Taken also developed solariums under the same name; models included a neck facility, which was a new feature.

Other projects quickly followed: treadmills with fencing, pavement, enclosure, flooring or a solarium: anything the customer needed.

Arena levellers came into Michaël Taken’s life some years ago.

Michaël founded EquiCombi for the trade in arena levellers and, as a true specialist, he just loves providing appropriate advice. As a personal challenge, Michaël developed his own EquiCombi arena leveller. This arena leveller combines all the properties crucial to making a riding surface truly level. EquiCombi arena levellers are produced under our own management.

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