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Unique and wrought from real horseshoes

Once again, we have something good to offer!

These authentic horseshoe spheres are genuinely tailor-made. Our blacksmith welds and forges the spheres, which are made from old horseshoes, by hand. Horseshoe spheres are available in sizes ranging from 50cm to an impressive diameter of 110cm. Since this is a tailor-made product, anything is possible and you can order horseshoe spheres entirely in accordance with your own wishes.

  • How about one or more spheres incorporating LED lights?
  • Or suspending a sphere using a matching chain or rope?
  • Or fully or partially sprayed in your favourite colour?
  • Or fitted to a pole or pillar as a standard lamp?
  • A lovely home accessory, but also quite atmospheric in the garden, under a shelter or near the driveway.

Ask for our options; between us, we will create something unique!


If you are interested, we would be delighted to tell you more about the possibilities!

EquiCombi horseshoe spheres

provide a charming ambiance wherever you want

EquiCombi horseshoe spheres are handmade from real horseshoes. Our blacksmith welds the horseshoes together, creating spheres of various sizes. The spheres can be fitted with LED lighting for enhanced atmosphere; they can also be sprayed in a colour of your choice.

The right horseshoe sphere for any space

Horseshoe sphere 50cm model

Basic sphere, made from old horseshoes. Diameter 50cm.

Bol 50 cm
€ 125.00 (VAT excluded)

Horseshoe sphere 60cm model

Basic sphere, made from old horseshoes. Diameter 60cm.

Hoefijzerbol 60 cm
€ 175.00 (VAT excluded)

Horseshoe sphere 80cm model

Basic sphere, made from old horseshoes. Diameter 80cm.

Hoefijzerbol 80 cm
€ 250.00 (VAT excluded)

Horseshoe sphere 110cm model

Basic sphere, made from old horseshoes. Diameter 110cm.

Grote hoefijzerbol
€ 350.00 (VAT excluded)

Tailor-made, with the inside sprayed in a colour of your choice

For enhanced atmosphere, we can spray the inside of the horseshoe sphere in the colour of your choice. It is also possible to spray the entire sphere.
Extra price:

Bol met binnenzijde in kleur
€ On demand (VAT excluded)

Tailor-made, fitted with LED lighting

If you would like to have something really special, opt for LED lighting to give your room a truly special ambiance.
Extra price:

Hoefijzerbol met verlichting
Hoefijzerbol met licht voor buiten
€ 35.00 (VAT excluded)
A unique product at an affordable price!

Equicombi horseshoe spheres give your home that special ambiance

EquiCombi horseshoe spheres are available in various sizes. A lovely feature for inside and out, including a lighting option.

The EquiCombi horseshoe spheres are unique!

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about EquiCombi horseshoe spheres!

If you would like to know more about all the possibilities that EquiCombi horseshoe spheres have to offer, please complete the form specifying your needs and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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